Join a friendly and diverse team of 20+ volunteers who dedicate over 2,000 combined hours of service each year. Volunteer opportunities fall under three categories: administrative, outreach, and collections. The skills, interests, and abilities of volunteers are matched with opportunities available at the museum year-round. Assignments begin once orientations and trainings are completed.

Front desk receptionist/Docent
Duties and Responsibilities: greet visitors; provide tours; ensure museum is ready to receive the public; track demographic information; phone reception; gift shop sales; restock brochures; check mailbox; email; cashbox log; assist visitors with filling out forms; provide clerical assistance to staff when requested; ensure public areas are clean and safe
Qualifications: knowledge of Word, Outlook email, and PastPerfect (training provided for email and PastPerfect); comfortable interacting with public; excellent communication skills; knowledge of local history a plus
Commitment: at least one 3.25-hour shift per week (M-W; some Saturdays)
Weekday shift options: 9:45 AM – 1:00 PM
12:45 PM – 4:00 PM

Duties & Responsibilities: complete bookkeeping tasks related to money generated from donations and gift shop sales; prepare deposit slips for the City of Venice (COV) and Venice Heritage, Inc. (VHI)
Qualifications: basic bookkeeping skills; knowledge of Word, Excel, and PastPerfect (training provided for PastPerfect)
Commitment: hours as needed once per week

Special Event Assistant
Duties & Responsibilities: assist Administrative Coordinator in coordination of events, including the procurement of food, beverages, and serving supplies; implementation, food service, and clean up; write thank you notes/emails to all sponsors and participating event volunteers
Qualifications: excellent people skills; ability to communicate effectively; work outside; stand for periods of time
Commitment: as needed (typically 4-5 times per year)

Event Set Up
Duties & Responsibilities: onsite event set up of tents, tables, and materials, etc.
Qualifications: ability to perform light manual labor
Commitment: as needed (typically 4-5 times per year for 2 hrs.)

Duties & Responsibilities: photograph VMA events
Qualifications: good eye for catching the moment; ability to use a camera or other photographic device
Commitment: as needed (typically 4-5 times per year for 2 hrs.)

Museum Ambassador
Duties and Responsibilities: represent the VMA at festivals, fairs, and other offsite events; event setup; public engagement; post-event wrap up
Qualifications: Excellent communications skills; outgoing and affable; knowledgeable of VMA programs and Museum in general
Commitment: as needed (typically 4-6 times per year)

Collections Assistant
Duties & Responsibilities: assist the Curator with collections-related tasks, such as object photography, scanning, inventorying, and cataloging in PastPerfect; assist with filing of paper records for donations
Qualifications: attention to detail; knowledge of PastPerfect (training provided for PastPerfect); photography skills a plus
Commitment: at least one 4-hour shift per week

Duties and Responsibilities: assists the Curator with research requests submitted by the public, media, staff, etc.; helps staff the Dale Laning and Julia Cousins Laning Archives & Research Center; does independent research, and assists onsite researchers with accessing the collections
Qualifications: attention to detail; previous research skills a plus; knowledge of Outlook email; ability to communicate well in writing; knowledge of local history a plus; knowledge of PastPerfect (training provided for PastPerfect); working with the public
Commitment: at least one 4-hour shift per week during season (Sep-Apr); as needed during off-season (May-Aug)

Digital Media Assistant
Duties and Responsibilities: assist the Curator in tracking and/or completing image requests, including digital enhancement of photos, photo printing, CD/DVD burning, and/or emailing of photos to requester
Qualifications: knowledge of Outlook email and PastPerfect (training provided for PastPerfect); knowledge of Photoshop a plus; experience in digitizing media
Commitment: as needed (typically a 4-hour shift twice a month during season)