VMA On The Go


VMA On the Go provides educational programming to schools, retirement communities, and organizations teaching them about local history and its relevance to the Venice area community.

Recognizing the importance of a variety of learning styles, VMA On The Go offers interactive lessons that include problem-based learning using museum resources, exploration and discovery, team building activities, writing opportunities, and a variety of presentation platforms. Pre and post assessments form an important evaluation tool as we determine ways to improve informational delivery and assess student learning. Teacher evaluations will also be provided for further review.

Within the schools, an objective is to supplement Common Core Curriculum with resources needed to educate students in Florida history. This program has also been developed based on the need by teachers for primary resource materials to assist them in their social studies and civics lessons.

When VMA On the Go visits retirement communities it integrates the learning modules with opportunities for these residents to provide their own personal histories and experiences during the time when Venice saw its development in the 20th century. It offers an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our community and experiential contributions by its residents.